Saturday, 8 March 2014

Reasonable NoClone Home Edition 2013 (64bit) [MAKC_06] Download Torrent

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Reasonable NoClone Home EditionReasonable NoClone Home Edition torrent

Torrent Size: 12 mb

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Version: 2013
Category: System|File Management
Developer: Reasonable Software House Limited
Size: 12 mb
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Review: NoClone Home Edition is a duplicate file remover that offers innovative ways to find and delete unnecessary files and free disk space on your computer. While you may find the interface a bit difficult to navigate at first glance, it only takes a few minutes to figure out how to use the application. Search Tools criteria are neatly organized on the left main window when search results are displayed in the middle of the screen. So, you can search for an exact duplicate files, duplicate MP3-like files, folders, compare, duplicate Outlook emails, files larger than 1 MB, or other files, based on user-defined rules. When the search is complete, NoClone Home Edition opens a new tab in the main window and displays the results, including the file name, file size, date modified, and a duplicate of the folder path. Apparently, you can select one or more files and either delete or compress them to archive. NoClone Home Edition is proud of what he called? Smart Marker?, An advanced utility which helps you to choose the files you want to automatically manage. You are able to configure the tool to select files by date, size and length of the file name, or even a folder. There are three different ways to delete selected files: delete, or replace it with a permanent move to trash NTFS connection with two choices, remove empty after you delete it and replace it with a shortcut. NoClone Home Edition is a very easy to use, not only because of its intuitive interface, but also because of the advice is shown in the main window on the right, regardless of the task you want to accomplish. If you ignore the fact that it requires a moderate to large amount of CPU and RAM resources NoClone Home Edition is a handy software solutions. And a few improvements here and there, it could easily become a top product.

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