Wednesday, 5 March 2014

PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx 1.0 (64-Bit & 32-Bit)

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PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xxPC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx torrent

Torrent Size: 212 mb

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Version: 1.0
Category: Mobile Phone Tools|Sony Ericsson
Developer: Epocware
Size: 212 mb
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Review: Your subscription files stored on your cell phone, especially for older equipment requires special software to connect the terminal to the computer , an easier data handling machine. Among the smartphone Sony Ericsson Symbian support issue than a decade ago, one of the most coveted application management computer Sony Ericsson files P9xx airplane. A clean surface is bent functions only at the expense of the beauty of this program is compatible with many devices is a world famous brand, ie Nokia. One drawback of this software is the ability to not work properly in the absence of special computer specifically virgin phone book u. Immediately after the application is installed, the computer file manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx can work. An easy-to-use interface for users to browse, view and edit files, and perform a variety of operations such as between the copy, cut and stones, now mobile terminal and is connected to the computer. This software also allow any user to change the folder, rename or delete them. View detailed információta files, folders and drives can also be done in the main window of the computer's file manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx. All transport operations may need to drag and drop both directions: the rain, the computer andthe mobile cell phones andthe computer equipment. Because it targets a very limited number of models, computer file management software for Sony Ericsson P9xx a solutions specialist trained in the years Mulan tion is getting closer and closer to be considered obsolete.

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