Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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Version: 4.90
Category: Science / CAD
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Size: 14 mb
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Review: ExpertGPS is a powerful software designed to help users view and edit GPS points, routes and tracks. There are clear and simple, which gives users the ability to zoom in or out of the map generated interface, select the background (for example, on the street aerial photographs of the United State? States, on a white background), and print out a map or export it in different formats files, namely, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, or KMZ. The application allows you to create waypoints insert label a significant place on the cards by clicking on the map or enter coordinates. In addition, you? Can edit you? Point e, delete, cut, copy or paste them. ? It? With you? Email, perhaps? Can search?-Operate to find a point, display a list of them, in order to hide the card to send or receive elected and GPS points, and importing data TPG, MXF, or CSV file formats. Similar parameters were devoted available for creating and editing routes, tracks, shapes, plants? Rifle and photos. Last but not least? Finally, you'll save the data generated in GPX format and see the place on the map while traveling. There are several configuration parameters to modify the presentation of the ticket, you? Can choose colors for the network? No lines and text labels for topographic maps, aerial photographs and charts. During testing, we noticed that ExpertGPS offers excellent image quality and without error? Aka demonstrated throughout the process. It does not eat a lot of CPU and memory, it doesn t load? The overall performance of the computer. All in all, ExpertGPS offers many useful tools to help users manipulate GPS points, routes and tracks in a professional manner.

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