Monday, 2 December 2013

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Category: Desktop Enhancements|Themes
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Review: If you get a chance to see Mac OS X on your job, you will notice the interface is eye-candy and want some features, such as docks, for example, be implemented in Windows as well. Fortunately, there are some pretty good looking and strong in the function of the program that will take long for the dock system. Among them, ObjectDock offers a viable option either by giving you Launchpad animation with lots of great features. It comes with various built-in background and you can get more online. When installation is complete, you will see that pretty dock. It comes with the same symbol as your Windows taskbar, plus some additional useful in weather and clock widget. Dock magnification effect on Mac OS X, and it lets you easily add several so-called docklets. This is actually the third-party applications that sit on the dock and allows you for example to see the use of system resources, the status of e-mail, network or memory usage, just to name a few. Since it can display animation effects and much, ObjectDock can slow down a little bit operating systems, but during testing we all worked pretty smoothly. If you keep a good balance between the elements of eye-candy, this program will work just as well on older and slower systems. All things considered, Object definitely a great addition, you can get for your Windows OS. It will help you to start your most used applications, and will do it with great style.

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