Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BlueSoleil 10.0.457.0 Download Torrent

Seeds: 107
Peers: 60
BlueSoleilBlueSoleil torrent

Torrent Size: 52 mb

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Version: 10.0.457.0
Category: Internet|Remote Utils
Developer: IVT Corporation
Size: 52 mb
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Review: There are many ways to transfer files and distribute them to multiple computers and devices, and Bluetooth is one of them. BlueSoleil is a software solution that this protocol to synchronize or transfer data between devices based. After installation is complete, you must restart the computer before being able to use the program as needed some system files successfully install the program to work. Needless to say, it must be the computer, which comes with a Bluetooth or a computer connected to a special dongle to run it. To be able to use BlueSoleil, you need to turn on Bluetooth, then start scanning the environment compatible devices. When you find the one you need, you can begin to transfer files via Bluetooth. Users also get the ability to use the Bluetooth device type they want as supports USB, UART, PCMCIA and Brilliant Sales Partner to specify. In addition, and Brilliant Sales Partner UART devices, it is possible to determine the COM port, baud rate, byte size, parity, stop bits and flow control to change. BlueSoleil users can not only quickly send files from your computer to your phone or PDA, but they can also use the items as well as easy. They can even print photos taken by Bluetooth Digital Camera to the PC without cable to join them. In these programs, can BlueSoleil helpful marketing, and business owners to send promotional material to all customers who Bluetooth on their mobile devices. Overall, this program helps people to create a new functionality of your Bluetooth devices to find, and the only requirement is a dongle attached to the computer. If the evaluation version to meet their needs, users can buy a license and enjoy your function without any restrictions.

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